Reflections and thanks from 2014…Hello 2015! :)

AshridgeHAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! What an incredible 2014 we had here at SOVP HQ! We can only hope that you all too had a lovely year and enjoyed the ride; whether you were planning a wedding or indeed having your special day!  It has been a pleasure filming and editing all the weddings and events we were involved in. We now look ahead to 2015 and all the events, adventures, new faces and challenges it has in store for us.

But at this time of year it would be silly for any company or person in fact not to take a little time for reflection of the year that has passed to ensure that all that was learnt and/or figured out is put into practice in the future. For wedding filming we have always considered good planning prior to the big day is on top of the list. This includes visiting the filming locations in advance and also making sure we meet with all our clients at least 6 weeks before the wedding day! As anyone who films or even photographs weddings/events knows; it is essential to get the correct ingredients for documenting exactly what the client requires so their are no disappointments afterwards.  Another aspect we will now make compulsory in our filming planning is to liaise with the venues we film at. It is a lot of fun working with operational staff at venues throughout the year but we rarely get to meet the sales teams at venues as they are usually not at the wedding day because, at this point, their job is then done and handed over to another department. Recently we had a meeting with the sales team at Theobalds Park in Hertfordshire and after a lovely chat and showcasing our previous wedding/event films they now would like to introduce us to their clients and so we are now proudly a wedding/events videography company officially recommended by Theobalds Park.  We cannot tell you how amazing this feels to have our work/company recognized by others in the field. On that note we have also had some amazing feedback from our clients which really drives us and inspires us to continue creating wonderful films and memories for our clients at the very highest standard we can!

So you are maybe wondering where the venue is which is photographed with this blog post? Or even why it is there? Well first of all it is an absolutely stunning wedding location right? It is our favourite venue of 2014 which we had the privilege to film at. Believe us their were some stunning ones including The Royal Naval College in Greenwich and also The Gherkin Building in the City of London! However, this venue is Ashridge House in Berkhamsted and we had a blast setting up our filming here and look forward to film there again this year!  This photo was actually taken today just prior a meeting with a new couple who found us online. So today was their first step of arranging their wedding videographer and ours of meeting a wonderful couple! 🙂

Just before the season becomes busy and we forget what day it is; we would love to say thank you to all our clients, past and present, and other wedding specialists for the continued love and support to us! We are proud to know you as friends too!x

Happy New Year!xxx


To go or not to go…?

White wedding cake with rosesI think it’s safe to say that it’s really easy to get caught up with life, let alone a very busy filming schedule throughout the seasons. We pride ourselves on the time we spend with our clients in the studio or at their homes and ensure that we are in contact throughout the planning of an event and afterwards as well.

Filming a wedding is an emotional affair. After all, we as videographers need a sense of empathy to ensure that all the important parts of a rather emotional moment like the bride entrance into the ceremony room (for example) is captured correctly detailing the reactions of the waiting groom and family and friends.

But whilst living life and also filming weddings or events is our focus, we know that our time is also owed to our future clients. I’m sure any company that works in events will understand this mind-set. The way we use our time for future clients is not by awaiting an email to come in our inbox, but instead it is to go out and meet our potential future clients at wedding shows around our home counties and also the UK. What better way is there to actually engage and talk face to face with the company you are potentially hiring to create something splendid for the most important day of you and your partner’s life!? You can ask us questions direct, see who will be present at your event filming and also watch a taster of some previous work.

So if you are free, interested and feel like meeting us or other event companies then I would certainly go with those instincts and come over to the wedding shows you hear of and chat with us.

After all, you will learn a lot more about the company you are hiring when you actually meet and talk to them face to face….especially for something like film making/wedding videography. It’s also a rather nice day out to be inspired by all kinds of companies/ideas you might have missed on Google.

We are pleased to announce that Special Occasion Video Productions will be showcasing their work at the following wedding shows this autumn 2014:

28th September – The Watermill Hotel – Best Western – Hemel Hempstead

12th October – Hatfield House – Hertfordshire

Doors open at 11am ending around 4pm for all; so we look forward to see/meet you there! 🙂

A videographer’s tears…

I’m Martin and I head Special Occasion Video Productions as the film producer. I am the guy you will meet to discuss your wedding/event film.
I am the guy1975012_720168391339598_9122666168074809428_n who usually attends and films your wedding/event. I am the guy who edits and directs a fabulous team towards the end result of your wedding/event films in the studio.

I love my work and I am always very proud and quite often teary eyed during the ceremony and the speeches. Yes, I am usually quite unnoticed in my emotions during a wedding (for example) as after all there I am behind the camera. But I had an epiphany during the early part of this year whilst filming the speeches at a wedding of just how amazing/emotional this part of the day is.

Let me explain…As well as a film producer, I am also a Dad. My son is currently 1 year old; so I am a new Dad. His name is Meyer and to be quite honest he is so lovely and cute. He wakes me up every morning and fills me with a real love I suppose I never felt possible. His big glowing eyes make me wake up and want to give him a cuddle and start my day! He is my little motivator really. He helps me in a way I cannot explain and in return I love him in a way I cannot explain. So really it’s all a very positive thing right!?

But going back to my epiphany; It would be quite honest to say, that since I have become a Dad to little Meyer, filming wedding speeches has never been the same. Just observing the father of the bride or groom prior their speech, although sometimes them being nervous, I realize that these men have their very own Meyers sat there on the top table with them. They have experienced more than I have with their son or daughter, however at this proud and happy occasion they must remember that amazing first year with their son or daughter. The moment they stand and the cameras are rolling and family and friends are cheering after the introduction by the master of ceremonies that moment of emotion begins for me. I am hearing the voice of the person I hope to be one day; speaking at my own son’s wedding. Telling his friends and our family stories about him, maybe even the motivator one, and also showing how proud myself and his mother are of him for being the greatest thing that ever happened to us.

So next time you are at a wedding, maybe getting married yourself or even watching someone else’s wedding film at home. Remember that parent who is addressing the audience is probably the most emotional person at that very moment.


A best man’s speech to remember

It is estimated that 9 million people in the UK tuned in to watch Sherlock Holmes’ legendary and moving best man speech on BBC’s immensely popular Sherlock earlier this month.

While we are still waiting to film a speech quite like this (OK, we admit, without the murder shenanigans would be better of course), we have filmed quite a number of very different speeches throughout the years. From very, very long ones to very very short ones. From ones riddled with original inside jokes to ones riddled with old and often used jokes… anything goes!

What can we learn from Sherlock’s and other great speeches?

* Don’t be afraid to show emotions;
* Inside jokes are fun, but remember, not everyone will get them and it will make them feel left out if you put too many of them in your speech;
* Be funny without (seemingly) even knowing it;
* Bring props! From masks, to baby pictures of the groom, to… pets?
* Make your jokes original!

Oh and if you are wondering where Holmes’ wedding was filmed, read this great article on


Sherlock Holmes gives a legendary best man speech at his best friend’s wedding. Courtesy of BBC.

The other special occasions…

We’re not called Special Occasion Video Productions for nothing. The name means we can film every special occasion in the book!partiesIn the next few months, we will be filming Bar Mitzvahs, birthday parties, engagement parties, amongst many other occasions. We will be there for the entire duration of the event, filming people mingling, speeches, guest messages, blowing out of candles, dancing, anything that you can think of that is part of the special occasion.

Have you got a special occasion to organize that is not a wedding? Get in touch with us and we will give you a great quote!

November 2013…


The really high-peak wedding season is over, however, we are still filming autumn and winter weddings until the end of the year. And in the warm and cosy studio we are busy editing all those lovely weddings of the past year. It’s a wonderful process to see the day unfold again before our eyes, and to be adding the couple’s favourite music to the sound reel makes it all the more emotional!

Every week, our homepage features one of the latest edits, and we constantly add new highlights trailers to our preview videos page. Remember, these are just the highlights trailers, the version that you will be able to easily share with your friends when they come over to watch your wedding video…

As you will see on the homepage, we now have a feature where you can choose to see the type of wedding you have booked, for instance, a civil ceremony, a church wedding or a Jewish wedding. This way you can get an idea of the services we offer for your specific type of wedding and see an example highlights trailer…

Have a lovely November!

The Special Occasion Video Productions team



This is the gorgeous Hertfordshire wedding location Brocket Hall. So exclusive that we have restrictions on where and what to film! Not something we encounter every day but we are not novices to exclusive locations (just a few months ago we filmed at Tower Bridge!)… We can’t wait to film the lovely wedding couple on their special day, and after our location scout of today we are even more looking forward to capturing every aspect of this location and the people… as far as we are allowed of course 😉

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