To go or not to go…?

White wedding cake with rosesI think it’s safe to say that it’s really easy to get caught up with life, let alone a very busy filming schedule throughout the seasons. We pride ourselves on the time we spend with our clients in the studio or at their homes and ensure that we are in contact throughout the planning of an event and afterwards as well.

Filming a wedding is an emotional affair. After all, we as videographers need a sense of empathy to ensure that all the important parts of a rather emotional moment like the bride entrance into the ceremony room (for example) is captured correctly detailing the reactions of the waiting groom and family and friends.

But whilst living life and also filming weddings or events is our focus, we know that our time is also owed to our future clients. I’m sure any company that works in events will understand this mind-set. The way we use our time for future clients is not by awaiting an email to come in our inbox, but instead it is to go out and meet our potential future clients at wedding shows around our home counties and also the UK. What better way is there to actually engage and talk face to face with the company you are potentially hiring to create something splendid for the most important day of you and your partner’s life!? You can ask us questions direct, see who will be present at your event filming and also watch a taster of some previous work.

So if you are free, interested and feel like meeting us or other event companies then I would certainly go with those instincts and come over to the wedding shows you hear of and chat with us.

After all, you will learn a lot more about the company you are hiring when you actually meet and talk to them face to face….especially for something like film making/wedding videography. It’s also a rather nice day out to be inspired by all kinds of companies/ideas you might have missed on Google.

We are pleased to announce that Special Occasion Video Productions will be showcasing their work at the following wedding shows this autumn 2014:

28th September – The Watermill Hotel – Best Western – Hemel Hempstead

12th October – Hatfield House – Hertfordshire

Doors open at 11am ending around 4pm for all; so we look forward to see/meet you there! 🙂