A videographer’s tears…

I’m Martin and I head Special Occasion Video Productions as the film producer. I am the guy you will meet to discuss your wedding/event film.
I am the guy1975012_720168391339598_9122666168074809428_n who usually attends and films your wedding/event. I am the guy who edits and directs a fabulous team towards the end result of your wedding/event films in the studio.

I love my work and I am always very proud and quite often teary eyed during the ceremony and the speeches. Yes, I am usually quite unnoticed in my emotions during a wedding (for example) as after all there I am behind the camera. But I had an epiphany during the early part of this year whilst filming the speeches at a wedding of just how amazing/emotional this part of the day is.

Let me explain…As well as a film producer, I am also a Dad. My son is currently 1 year old; so I am a new Dad. His name is Meyer and to be quite honest he is so lovely and cute. He wakes me up every morning and fills me with a real love I suppose I never felt possible. His big glowing eyes make me wake up and want to give him a cuddle and start my day! He is my little motivator really. He helps me in a way I cannot explain and in return I love him in a way I cannot explain. So really it’s all a very positive thing right!?

But going back to my epiphany; It would be quite honest to say, that since I have become a Dad to little Meyer, filming wedding speeches has never been the same. Just observing the father of the bride or groom prior their speech, although sometimes them being nervous, I realize that these men have their very own Meyers sat there on the top table with them. They have experienced more than I have with their son or daughter, however at this proud and happy occasion they must remember that amazing first year with their son or daughter. The moment they stand and the cameras are rolling and family and friends are cheering after the introduction by the master of ceremonies that moment of emotion begins for me. I am hearing the voice of the person I hope to be one day; speaking at my own son’s wedding. Telling his friends and our family stories about him, maybe even the motivator one, and also showing how proud myself and his mother are of him for being the greatest thing that ever happened to us.

So next time you are at a wedding, maybe getting married yourself or even watching someone else’s wedding film at home. Remember that parent who is addressing the audience is probably the most emotional person at that very moment.



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