Location, location, location!

In the past months, we have filmed at so many different locations. Here’s a list of our Top 10 filming locations!

Hatfield House. Copyright: Hatfield House

Have you already chosen yours?

1. Hatfield House (four times)
2. Ponsbourne park (four times)
3. Fanhams Hall (three times)
4. Sopwell House (three times)
5. Tewin Bury Farm (three times)
6. Coltsfoot Country Retreat (twice)
7. Knebworth House (twice)
8. Theobolds park
9. Harpenden house hotel
10. Hitchin Priory



Is October the new July?

Our October is extremely busy this year. And strangely enough, people getting married in October are much luckier weather-wise than people who got married in July, a month that was all about the hose-pipe ban and then rain, rain, rain. Even though it’s now colder than the summer months, when the sun is out, it can still be quite enjoyable. And so every wedding that we have filmed until now in October been lovely!

What is November going to bring us in terms of weather? We will see! If there is one thing we found out that it takes a lot to dampen the spirits of a wedding couple enjoying their special day with friends and family. Not even a rain cloud or two.