Of bees and bats at Knebworth House

The flower gardens looked lush as I arrived at Knebworth House last Saturday for the wedding of Louise and Paul. Not only that, the sun was beaming down on the guests and it was promising to be a lovely wedding day. All set up in the garden gazebo, the ceremony was about to get underway with the registrar addressing the guests. Setting up the camera, I noticed a fat bee behind me on the gazebo edge and I made a mental note not to put my hand there. As the I do’s were about to start, I pressed record and watched intently to get the right shots. I leaned back against the side, my hand right over the bee. The sting in my pointer finger was excruciatingly painful and I had to shake off the bee and then do the best I could not to scream out in pain. I was, after all, filming a happy occasion! Not even a bee sting so nasty it could make you cry can keep us from filming your  special day!

The wedding breakfast was held in the dining parlour of the main house. This is very special, as only 1 or 2 wedding parties a year are allowed to have the wedding breakfast in the house. The room was set up within a record-breaking hour and the bride was immensely happy to see something she had thought of for so many months, perfected in her mind, come to life in this stunning room.

A few days later I was watching Batman Begins and I thought I recognised something, turns out some of the interior scenes of this film were shot at Knebworth House (doubling for Wayne Manor). This made me ridiculously happy because I am in the company of only a few people who have filmed at Knebworth House and one of those people is the talented Batman director Christopher Nolan!

We’re off to film at The Lavender Farm near Hitchin on Saturday!