Editing process from a far…

Its been a very busy start to the wedding season, so because of this it has also been a very busy Special Occasion Video Productions (SOVP) studio these last couple of months! This is something we do not really complain about, because if the truth be told, we love watching back the footage we have captured from the weddings we film, especially the Speeches and Guest Messages!. Of course we also enjoy editing as it means we get to have many cups of tea and the occasional chocolate biscuit.

But to give you an overview of our editing process; our edits take approximately 6 – 8 weeks to complete. Starting with our video editor watching all the footage recorded, ensuring all the best parts are kept in the final DVD. The editor will then sequence the wedding day in sections within the editing software. This could work out as Guest Arrivals, Bride Entrance, Ceremony etc. Once the filming sequences are in the correct order of events, trimmed, sound tweaked and the team has agreed with the film overview layout, we begin what is known as ‘colour correction’. Colour what?? I hear you say, let me explain…In a TV studio, there are many lights above the actors or the newsreader. Because of this, nearly everything that is filmed remains constant in terms of not only light and shadow but most importantly ‘colour’. In a wedding film or as we call it ‘field documentary film’ the camera operator films using only natural light i.e the sun or houselights in a venue. Because of this, the colour correction stage of editing for a wedding film really does need to be done right and unrushed so the outcome of colour is true to life. After the colour correction, we add scene effects such as fades or soft focus. Adding effects brings the scenes together and really turns the footage into a story of the special day! For me the adding of effects really is when you begin to ‘taste the pie’ or see the film come to life!

Lastly the editor will add music to the background and mix the music, atmospheric and dialogue sounds together so when the viewer watches the final edit of the DVD, all will sound perfect and in balance. And when I say ‘Balanced’ I mean in Colour and Sound! Anyhow, we better get on, I hope this gives you an idea of what we are doing after the wedding here at SOVP studio! Of course, once the edit is done…we still then need to author a DVD too with DVD menus etc. But thats a whole different blog!! 🙂