Be in the front row of the wedding…

Although it was a rainy April day yesterday in Ely, Cambridgeshire (unlike the picture). The sun certainly shined on the couple getting married.  The atmosphere was wonderful and the backdrop of the Ely Cathedral is really going make this wedding film something special.

Also, the bride’s mother, who could not be there sadly due to ill health; she is going to feel like she was in the front row when she watches her daughter’s big day unfold on the big screen in 6 – 8 weeks’ time!

It’s at times like these, I feel what we do at Special Occasion Videos is extra worthwhile.


Mazel Tov!

So we have filmed Christian weddings, Muslim weddings, Persian weddings, Civil partnerships…but, being honest, none of them party quite so hard and intently as people at a Jewish wedding!  Yep, you’ve guessed it.  We were filming for a lovely Jewish couple last weekend at their wedding at the Reformed Synagogue in Edgware;  followed by the reception at Sopwell House in Hertfordshire.

This wedding shoot took some preparation too.  As always, we will meet with the couple again after they booked us so we can gather all the information/details about their special day, their expectations for their final DVD and to learn about how the day will run.  But, typically, before we knew it, we were saying hello to the Rabbi, filming the Groom and hundreds of guests arriving at the Synagogue and were all huddled under the Chuppah filming what was a very beautiful, respectful and emotional ceremony.

With the Ketuba signed and Glass smashed by a very confident Groom, we were off to the reception at Sopwell House, Hertfordshire.  We made our way on a surprisingly un-congested M25 and arrived in good time.  Being all set up and ready we began to film the arrival of the wonderful bridal car with newlyweds inside, the photo call with family and the drinks reception.

It was time for the Bride and Groom to enter the main Suite for the ‘Wedding Breakfast’.  For those of you who haven’t experienced a Jewish Wedding reception before.  My advice.  Try and go to one!  Ok, so the guests are seated, us and the photographer are filming a human arch being made, thanks to the Bridesmaids and Ushers.  Then the announcement from the Toastmaster to welcome the Bride and Groom.  What happens next really needs to be experienced in reality, or a wonderfully filmed wedding video!

With the sounds of cheering and confetti cannons going off into the air, the couple enters the room and the 6 piece band begin to play!  You’d think, at this point, the band will finish after a short musical introduction, the bride and groom will take their seats, the toastmaster will say a witty joke and the catering staff will begin to serve up the starters.  WRONG!  The party begins!! The guys on one side, the ladies on the other.  The traditional ‘linking arms’ Israeli dancing commences.  The word ‘Energetic’ is one way to describe it.  But everywhere you look at this point, everyone is having a wonderful time, dancing, clapping, cheering.  The bride and groom are lifted upon a chair and their guests dance below them. The groom was then tossed in the air on a sheet! And to think…this was only the start!

We look forward to sharing with you the highlights of this Jewish Wedding soon on our website.  Words really cannot describe.  But the Wedding video will!